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About Us

Nether Wallop Trading designs and develops innovative eco-friendly gardening products.


I started the company in 1994 when, due to the over-enthusiastic seed buying typical of a new, keen and eager gardener, I was faced with the problem of not having enough pots for my seedlings.

It was the early days of people being encouraged to recycle and really think about the environment. I was keen to garden organically, and to use the principles of reduce, reuse, recycle. I designed the Paper Potter with this in mind, making it initially on a wood-turning lathe, and creating a tool which used up old newspapers by turning them into biodegradable pots which didn’t cost a penny (and with the bonus of saving me from carting stacks of newsprint to the recycling bins!).

The Paper Potter was the inspiration for starting up Nether Wallop Trading. Central to our thinking is William Morris’s philosophy of combining use and practicality with beauty and good design. Many of our products are based on traditional designs. Sometimes we take traditional tools and add a modern twist. And where there is a need for a new product, we fill it with something which we hope will become a new classic. Our wooden products are made from sustainably managed (FSC) wood or from salvaged wood.

Our company is staffed with people who garden. We all appreciate using well-designed gardening equipment, especially when we’ve designed it ourselves, and we test our products rigorously before putting them on sale.

We’re always keen to hear from our customers with feedback, and if you have any ideas for new products or improvements on existing tools, please get in touch.